Зина Парижева

I learned about the French actress Isabelle Huppert, when I watched the 1978 film “Violette Nozier”, dedicated to the criminal, whose case caused a wide public response. I really liked this film: plot, atmosphere, clothes and, most importantly, main character. Later, I began to be interested in more and more films, in which Isabelle starred.

Isabelle Huppert is considered an actress of contradictions. She often plays mysterious, secluded and fatal women. Isabelle lives as closed and reserved as most of her heroes. She doesn`t like to give interviews, is silent about her personal life and doesn`t talk about plans. She also doesn`t like hustle and bustle of the public.

In addition, Isabelle Huppert doesn`t obsess over her appearance. She is a beautiful woman with red hair and aristocratic face, stylish. Her clever thoughts are of great interest. Isabelle works a lot, not getting tired, not being afraid to improvise and take risks. For this, I admire her.

Heroes Isabelle and Isabelle herself influenced on me. I discovered a new world for myself, and was delighted with this experience.




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