Зина Парижева

Is it a good idea for a child to look after a pet from a young age? I think that, if a child is at least twelve years old, he can take care of the pet himself: this will teach him independence, responsibility and care. However, it depends on his character traits.

Therefore, if a child is spoiled, ill-mannered and restless, then it is better for him to stay away from pets, as he can harm them.

On the other hand, grooming a pet will help to discipline such a child; will be able to redirect some of his inner qualities to the better. Thus, it will also help in raising a child.

In addition, purchase of a pet can prevent the onset of allergies. Therefore, grooming a pet can correct moral qualities, but also help health.

If a child is old enough and responsible, caring for a pet will help him to love someone. It is a good idea to start a pet, but only if a child can take care and love him.





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Четверг, 06.10.2022, 04:11
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